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Yesterday we just had our Chupa Chups after so many years and it still tasted yummy….It really feel like to old day when we still love candy and stuff.

Here are our chupas: Mine is Choc-vanilla and his is Orange

And it went on when we talked on the “hit” candies/sweets at our time. If you are born in late 70’s or 80’s, you should know some of these 😛

  • Pop Rock: Remember how the feeling when the candy pops in your mouth??

  • Bumble Gums: we especially like this type (Marukawa). It comes with many small box and each box contains just few and the orange one is the best ha….Nowadays, you can hardly find any bumblegum in singapore


  • Whistle pop! Sounds like a sparrow with sore throat,taste of zingy,fruity flavour while u whistle it away!

  • Ring pop..hoho I am the one put this into the list 🙂 The ads itself refelected very well the dream of all small little girls to get a big diamond ring for her proposal hahaha…
  • Candy cigarettes: remember the old days that you pretend to be a cool guy and holding the cigarette like candy?
  • Mentos the fresh makers and it still around till now. I was browing the mentos ads and I guess these should be ones of the earliest version on how once you have a pack of Mentos in your pocket  “nothing gets to you, staying fresh, staying cool”



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Hi all, welcome to our blog! The idea of blogging just came simply to capture the great moments, experience, thoughts, food, everything that come across in our life.

As for the name, it just rhyme doesn’t it…and we hope like bumblebee, we can record and capture the flowers of life, the nectars that come across in our life. So hope you enjoy reading as we enjoy writing it.

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