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Weekend is always what we (almost) all the working people are waiting for. But yet, when it reaches that day, it always hard to decide where to go, especially in Singapore…Shopping malls and stuff have been a boring activities, though there are soooo many malls here, but in actual the stores within are similiar or same….

Now come to think of it, what we actually do on our typical weekend. Well, there are different stuff but always have a niceeeeee foooddddd hahaha…

In one week end, we went to east coast, got a tandem bike and we have one mission!!! Find a quiter corner and play buble soap haha….Quite pai-seh actually, 2 adult playing this…but I can tell you for sure…IT IS FUN!! We create many many bubles and even kids who passed by loved it!!

Childhood game
Childhood game

Oo and there is another interesting one….we went to Zoo, guess it is around May…but nevertheless, this is also the first time I have been KISSED……….

 by sealion hahaha
Another thing I did on weekend….write in the blog…like now!!!

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